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Advertising broadcasts on outdoor screens

Currently, the “2go” network owns screens installed in Lithuanian and Latvian cities. All of them are close to the city’s busiest streets and most visited sites. You can choose screens by city or by nearby objects that are likely to attract your target clients.

LED screen rental

LED screen rental for events and sports competitions are another opportunity to advertise not only your products or services, but also to present sponsors’ advertisements during the event. Various events and sports competitions attract large flows of people, so a large number of potential clients can see the broadcast message.

LED screen for sale

Are you planning to buy the LED screen? Not sure where to start? Lack of knowledge in choosing the most suitable products for you? We will be glad to help you answer all your questions! We will find the most suitable solutions and help to implement them.

Advertising campaign planning

In order to achieve effective advertising results, the best of all is when the advertising used by the company in all dispersion channels conforms and helps the consumer to recognize the brand and the advertising message wherever it is visible. We help to plan advertising campaigns in close cooperation with the client.

Creation of advertising videos

Creating an advertising video includes developing the main message and the idea of the clip, planning a script, searching or preparing visual material, preparing frames, animating the clip, etc. The success of the advertising campaign for the most part depends on the quality of the advertising video, so it is one of the most important elements of successful advertising.

Adaptation of advertising videos

Advertising videos made by “2go” are suitable for many outdoor screens in Lithuania, we adapt them quickly and easily. The adaptation of the video you upload will depend on the video advertising resolution proportions (length-to-height ratio) matching the proportions of the outdoor screen size. If the video proportions are non-standard, then we offer other customization options.

Advertising campaign research

At your request, “2go” can perform advertising impact research. The research is carried out with the help of professionals with many years of experience, so the results of the research can show the usefulness of the advertising campaign. Research is recommended when planning the huge advertising campaigns.

Selection, installation, maintenance of the LED screens

Do you want to install the LED screen? We are ready to help with any issues regarding the sale, installation and maintenance of indoor or outdoor screens. We have many years of experience working with various types of advertising screens, so we can provide professional advice in choosing the best solutions for you.



Medical Information Center

Pleasant communication, promptness, listening to the client's needs, help and advice.
On behalf of the Medical Information Center, we thank the professional 2go team!

Travel Union

We are happy with the cooperation, responsible approach to the client and his needs, and excellent communication.

„Rutana“, UAB
Director Ramūnas Ruzgys

The advertising clip is created promptly and professionally, the designer understands the client's wishes immediately. When we started using advertising on the screen, we soon felt the emergence of new customers and the interest of existing customers in the promotion of goods or services published on the screen. If any promotion is announced, the sale of the promotional item will undoubtedly increase. I think screen advertising is really effective, especially if that screen is located near your place of business and you want customers to come to you quickly and conveniently. The cool "2go" sales and advertising team (especially Elena) professionally and promptly solves all cooperation issues, takes into account the customer's loyalty and provides good conditions for cooperation.

Good luck.



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Outdoor screen network in Lithuania - 2go
Is advertising on screens effective?

VIP locations in cities

All “2go” screens are located at the “arterial” intersections of city streets, where active vehicle traffic prevails. Locations for the screens were selected according to the nearby public attraction objects - major supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, etc.

Screen size, resolution

Some “2go” screens are of ultra-high resolution 1152 x 576 pixels. This is a sufficient number of pixels to provide high-quality visuals and maintain the bright contrast of the depicted objects. Screen sizes range from 6.5 x 4 m, 8 x 4 m, 14,5 x 8,5 m etc.

Flexible pricing

Dynamic advertising price rates depend on the location of the LED screen and the intensity of ad serving. We apply appropriate discounts depending on the volume of advertising and client loyalty. Better broadcast prices are applied in the larger orders.

Guaranteed visibility

With the increasing mobility of people, dynamic advertising is noticeable when driving, stopping or passing at high-traffic crossroads. Outdoor LED screens are installed at an appropriate height to enter the field of vision of the human eye, they are bright and attractive.

Large number of contacts

“2go” outdoor screens are visible every day to many townspeople and their guests on the way to work, educational institutions, shops, entertainment areas, etc. The screens are seen an average of 400,000 to 450,000 times a week. Such a large number of contacts will ensure high visibility of your advertisement.

Video advertising

Advertising on media screens is similar to advertising on television or the Internet. Our eyes and attention are accustomed to watching changing images on various screens, making outdoor media screens more noticeable than static advertising. Moreover, unlike online or television advertising, there is no interference such as blocking or switching ads.


According to a study by “The Nielsen Company” in 2015, residents trust outdoor advertising, including billboards and outdoor screens, more than advertising in browser search results, social networks and online video advertising. However, it is noted that outdoor screens receive 400% more attention than static outdoor stands.


The range of the audience is quite wide, the age ranges on average between 15 and 65 years and more. So more consumer attention can be achieved. Residents aged 15-49 are the most active in noticing and reacting to advertising. Advertising on media screens is especially effective when the goal is to present a new product or service to the widest possible audience and attract a constant number of consumers.

Quick ad switching

A company that produces a new product, introduced a new service or updated the product packaging can inform the client very quickly - before or during the launch of the product. It is advertising on outdoor screens that can be launched and changed instantly and you can reach a larger audience in major cities at once.

Sponsored by "2go"

"2go" does not forget what is important to society - social life and relationships between people.
"2go" contributes to the promotion of active lifestyles, healthy lifestyles and citizenship.
By appreciating and supporting sports, art, culture, charitable organizations, etc., we try to make a significant contribution to things important to society.
Boldly looking to the future, we do not remain indifferent and contribute to various beautiful social movements and ideas.


Ecology is important to “2go”

Take care of our only home - nature!

It is well known that anthropological human activities have a negative impact on climate change. Not only countries, companies, but also everyone individually is struggling with this problem. By our solutions, we can choose products whose production, packaging and transportation have a lower impact on atmosphere and water pollution. Not only a product but also a service can be produced responsibly. If your company cares about climate change prevention, you can choose to advertise in renewable energy media.

Some of the screens in the “2go” network are based on the production and use of renewable energy sources. These are the first LED outdoor video screens in Lithuania, which are equipped with the latest technology solar collectors, supplying energy directly from solar collectors installed above or below the screen.


At present, the energy produced from solar collectors installed in the screens is partially sufficient for the broadcasting of screens, but in case of need, when there is a shortage of electricity, we are ready to ensure the supply of energy from other energy sources. Likewise, this is our advantage in a competitive environment where we can offer our clients the eco-friendly business measures.
“2go” cares about conserving wildlife, without harming sensitive animal eco-systems, responsibly assessing its impact on climate change and ensuring an environment safe for human health. We believe that you too can actively contribute to the prevention of climate change by choosing services that cause less pollution to nature.

Ecology is important to 2go