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Sales of advertising led screens

Sales of outdoor and indoor LED screens

Led screens sales

Currently, LED screens are one of the most effective and efficient advertising tools. Due to their size and brightness, LED screens leave a big impression on people. They are versatile and can be in any premises, shop or outdoors. They are used by almost all industries such as factories, banks, airports, universities, libraries and many others. According to statistics, 48% of people value the advertised brand more credibly.

Led screens trade


Do you want to install a led screen?

“2go” has many years of experience of work with various types of advertising screens, so we can provide professional advice in choosing the best solutions for you.

LED screens can be of different sizes and different resolutions, so, primarily, the customer`s vision is clarified and the price is discussed. We always offer and advice which product would be most suitable for you individually, depending on whether it will be an outdoor or indoor screen, what its dimensions and what visuals will be displayed. Individual LED screens can be designed according to the needs of the user to make easy to maintain them. Certainly, the product maintenance helps to improve the service life of any electronic equipment and production shall take into account measures to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. A customized LED screen makes it easy to manage any message. We additionally manufacture and install the metal structures, required for the screens to stand stably, at the customer’s request.

System of led screens sold by “2go” has the following main functions

1. Wide viewing angle, high grey colour level/high contrast, consistent colour characteristics and resolution that can meet the needs of live broadcast;
2. Extremely high update rate to prevent the scan line;
3. Multi-signal synchronization processing, enabling live broadcast, slow video playback and other background works;
4. High stability and reliability;
5. Energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and low maintenance costs.


Led screen application solutions for commercial display

1. Companies, exhibition and other halls;
2. Retail networks: brand owners, mainly pharmacies, petrol stations, machine shops, supermarkets, etc.;
3. Theme parks: mainly all kinds of film and TV amusement parks;
4. Commercial complex: commercial real estate, casino, etc.


Characteristics of commercial display solutions

1. Full service from one location, complete product solution, high degree of integration;
2. Fast delivery, convenient service, brand recognition;
3. Integrity of intense and durable product system, services and solutions.


Technical maintenance

By purchasing the video screens we offer, you also get a technical service guarantee for 1-3 years, consultations on all issues and individually applied technical solutions. We can offer various ways to control video screens via VPN networks, Internet, wireless connection, etc., if necessary.

Our specialists combine new equipment, perform preventive maintenance, train responsible staff and provide all necessary assistance during the warranty and post-warranty period.

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