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The busy city intersection is probably the place that is least associated with ecology. Huge traffic, traffic jams during rush hours and audible signals are a daily occurrence for the residents of major Lithuanian cities. The traffic participants in Klaipėda and Šiauliai are greeted and accompanied by the only such ecological outdoor screens in the whole country. This is a great example of how sustainable consumption is possible daily, on every step basis. 

Illuminated outdoor screens have truly become part of everyday life. While waiting for the green traffic light signal, we learn about the most relevant discounts, upcoming events. These advertising spaces differ in size, technology used, brightness and longevity. According to statistics data, this type of advertising is one of the most noticeable and effective, boldly competing with television or online advertising and is superior in that it is cheaper.

The intersection of Šilutės plentas (Šilutė Highroad) and Statybininkų prospektas (Statybininkų Avenue) in Klaipėda and the intersection of Dubijos and Žemaitės streets in Šiauliai are some of the busiest transport hubs in these Lithuanian cities. No wonder that advertising messages are broadcast from huge LED screens here. It should be noted that these screens stand out not only by their size or image quality, but also by the fact that they are installed in accordance with the principles of sustainable use.

According to the representatives of the company that administers these screens, it is always necessary for the business to show an example and seek to make ecology not just a sounding slogan. It is best to start from scratch, so installing one of the latest screens in the port city has not only the idea of saving energy has implemented, but also it was achieved that energy is supplied from renewable sources. The same solution has been applied in Šiauliai, and these screens are constructed on the basis of energy-saving LED technology and meet the highest standards and are extremely durable.

New quality standards

When installing the screens, attention is paid to the fact that they do not distract road users. Traffic safety is the most important thing, but according to the experts of the company installing outdoor advertising stands, it is now possible to say with confidence that the quality standards are being raised to a new level. Sustainable consumption and environmental friendliness are the most important and relevant ideas not only in Lithuania, but also around the world.

So when it comes to quality, we can increasingly emphasize how businessmen achieve the desired goals, by what means they implement them. If it is advertising space, the main criteria will, of course, be related to its visibility. This means that the screen size and brightness will be important. Also, it is important whether the screen is not obstructed by any foreign objects so that outdoor video advertising is clearly visible from all sides.

The new outdoor video screen in Klaipėda is visible from a great distance: its dimensions are 8x4 m, and the space reaches as much as 32 sq.m. The screen stands out with excellent resolution, so the advertisement is broadcast extremely clearly and it is well visible both from a closer and farther distance. The brightness of the screens is automatically adjusted according to the time of day.

The fact that we can still find out the news and current events when we travel on our usual routes or just drive to handle affairs is convenient. But what is most gratifying is that it is more than just promotional messages, and at the same time a great example of how to use sustainably and responsibly.