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Privacy policy of “2go”

“2go” screen network liability limitation, etc.


The copyright of the information provided on the website ( belongs to the “2go” group of the companies. The name and logo of “2go” are protected by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. Other trademarks, logos and signs on the “2go” website belong exclusively to the owners of these trademarks, logos and marks, and it is prohibited to use the marks, logos and signs on the website without their prior written consent in any manner or form prohibited by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Trademarks, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Competition and other legal acts.

The content of “2go” (any textual, visual, audio and other material published by “ and”) is intended only for the personal use of the “2go” user (reader).

It is strictly forbidden to sell or otherwise distribute, copy, print, publicly display or otherwise reproduce the information used on the “2go” website on other websites, in the media or elsewhere without the permission of the authors. For all questions regarding copyright and the use of material on “2go”, please contact us by e-mail or by the contacts indicated on the website. The permit specifies the information, conditions and restrictions for the use of the “2go” logo.


“2go” is not responsible for:

- any disruptions of “2go” website services and errors that occur;
- any inaccuracies, inconsistencies or deficiencies in the information provided on the website;
- information provided by third parties and links and the content of their websites;
- any damage caused by illegal or fraudulent intrusion by third parties, viruses and consequent changes to the information on the website;
- any material, non-material damage, regardless of its origin, cause or nature, including any costs that may be incurred by natural or legal entities as a result of the information provided on or obtained through the “2go” website, including (but not limited to) any errors or inconsistencies in such content, as well as that caused by third party access or inability to access the Site.

All responsibility for the use of the content on the “2go” website lies with the website visitors, i. e. the visitor uses the information provided on the “2go” website exclusively at his (her) own discretion and risk, and he (she) is responsible for the damage caused to his (her) health, computer or other electronic system, as well as bears all costs for necessary services and repairs. The website visitor is also responsible for compliance with the relevant legal acts of the country from which he (she) accesses the website “2go”.


Limitation of liability

“2go” information on the “2go” website is of a general nature only and it is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up-to-date, no professional or legal advice, but “2go” strives to ensure that the information published is accurate and constantly updated. “2go” reserves the right to change, delete the information in “2go”, improve the content of the website at any time without prior notice.

Some of the data or information provided on the “2go” website may be prepared or compiled in such files or in such formats as may contain errors, therefore “2go” cannot fully guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on the website.


Submission of comments, feedback

“2go” allows website visitors to write various comments, opinions and feedback. Comments are the direct and individual responsibility of visitors to the website who have posted them, who may be subject to criminal, administrative or civil liability for untrue information that may disparage or humiliate that person's comments, discriminatory, offensive to public or private honour, allegations inciting national or other hatred, incitement to violence and other illegal acts.

“2go” does not guarantee the completeness, usefulness and accuracy of the visitors’ comments and does not edit comments. If you think that a specific comment on the “’ website is false and it violates the requirements of legal acts, and it is offensive, as well as if your personal information has been published on the “2go” website without your consent, please notify us by e-mail “2go” reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any user-submitted feedback without explanation.

In case of signs of violation of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania or legal requirements of law enforcement authorities, “2go” transmits all available information about the “2go” visitor, including but not limited IP-address (internet protocol), to the relevant law enforcement authorities.



“2go” has the right to change this liability limitation at any time, which will apply to the use of the “2go” website from the date of publication of the amended liability limitation on the “2go” website.

This limitation of liability is not intended to limit the legal liability of “2go” if it would violate any other requirements set forth in applicable national law; nor does it seek to avoid legal liability.